Honorary Membership
From the inception of INTECOL in 1967, the Board has had the power to appoint honorary members to reflect their standing in the ecological community and their service to the Society. For reasons that are lost in the mists of time, this was not taken up initially. During 2002 the Board decided that it should invoke this power, and the first four honorary members were appointed. These are listed below:

Professor Eugene P. Odum, University of Georgia, United States of America

Professor Frank B. Golley, University of Georgia, United States of America

Professor Byung-Sun Ihm, Mokpo National University, Korea

Professor George A. Knox, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Unfortunately in the event, Professor Odum's appointment occurred posthumously, but there can be few if any ecologists worldwide who have made such an important contribution to the science. Professors Golley and Knox have also made many valuable contributions to their respective fields of ecology, and have also played major roles in the formation and running of INTECOL over many years. Both are past presidents. Professor Ihm has done much to raise the profile of ecology in Korea. He is currently President of the Ecological Society of Korea, and was the pivotal figure in ensuring the great success of the VIII Congress in Seoul in 2002.

Honorary membership is the highest honour that INTECOL can bestow. In the future, the Board will want to appoint further honorary members on a regular basis. It would welcome suggestions from the membership for it to consider. Suggestions should be sent in the first instance to the President, Professor John A. Lee ([email protected]).

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