New Honorary Members of
The International Association for Ecology (INTECOL)

Drs. F. Herbert Bormann and Gene E. Likens,
the new Honorary Members of INTECOL, 2005

The INTECOL Board has decided to award two Honorary Memberships to Drs. F. Herbert Bormann, Oastler Professor of Forest Ecology, Yale University, and Gene E. Likens, President/Director, G. Evelyn Hutchinson Chair in Ecology/Institute of Ecosystem Studies, for their outstanding contributions to ecological science and/or the Society, not the least their investigations at Hubbard Brook Ecosystem which have had a huge impact on ecological thinking and their services as the Presidents of the Ecological Society of America.

Honorary membership is the highest honour that INTECOL can bestow. In the future, the Board will want to appoint further honorary members on a regular basis. It would welcome suggestions from the membership for it to consider. Suggestions should be sent in the first instance to the President, Professor John A. Lee ([email protected]).

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Last Updated: July 30, 2005