Eun-Shik Kim
Date of Writing
Dear Members and Supporters of INTECOL,

The Board of the International Association for Ecology (INTECOL) has been in the process of trying to improve the services it provides for members. One such measure is to advertise more effectively ecological meetings around the world. If you visit our INTECOL website at, you can find some more of the details of them.

As part of our continued services to members, we have recently opened a new page on the web site entitled "Opportunities in Ecology" at This is intended as a notice board where grant opportunities, calls for proposals, and perhaps also jobs may be advertised. Although many of these opportunities may be found on the web sites of national ecological societies, many of which are already linked to our INTECOL site, we hope that a central page containing many of these will prove very useful. The page will only be maximally effective however if the INTECOL Webmaster receives plenty of timely copy. I very much hope that members and national societies will find this initiative very useful.

Currently, there is a 'Call for Proposals from the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS), USA,' whose website is located at

To supporters of INTECOL, we invite you and your friends in ecology to become members of INTECOL if you and your friends have not already done so. You may join on the INTECOL website ( and membership is currently without charge until 1 January 2006. The membership fee from 2006 will be modest.

The Board very much looks forward to hearing from you on these or any other subject,

With kindest regards,

John A. Lee
President of INTECOL

14 December 2005

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