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BSc (terrestrial biology) First Hons University of New South Wales

PhD Applied Ecology University of Tasmania

My current research interests include plant and fungal community ecology, above-below ground linkages, soil biodiversity and function, and environmental conservation. I am particularly interested in drivers of community and ecosystem change (land-use/management/disturbance eg fire, forestry, agriculture) and how these affect biodiversity and ecosystem function above and below ground (i.e. mycorrhiza, nutrient (N and C) cycling, ecosystem health, community compositions etc).



  • Horton, B. M., Close, D. C., Wardlaw, T. J. Davidson, N. J. (2010)Crown condition assessment: An accurate, precise and efficient method with broad applicability to EucalyptusAustral Ecologydoi:10.1111/j.1442-9993.2010.02206.x

  • Close, D. C., Davidson, N. J., Johnson, D. W., Abrams, M. D., Hart, S.C., Lunt, I. D., Archibald, R. D., Horton. B. M., and Adams, M. A. (2009) Premature decline of Eucalyptus and altered ecosystem process in the absence of fire in some Australian forests. Botanical Review 75: 191-202
  • Gates, G. M., Horton, B. M. and Noordeloos, M. (2009) A newEntoloma (Basidiomycetes, Agaricales) from Tasmania, Mycotaxon107: 175-179
  • Tedersoo, L., Jarius, T., Horton, B. M., Abarenkov, K., Suvi, T., Saar, I. and Kõljalg, U. (2008) Strong host preference of ectomycorrhizal fungi in a Tasmanian wet sclerophyll forest as revealed by DNA barcoding and taxon-specific primersNew Phytologist 180(2): 479-490
  • Rudman, T., Horton, B.M. and Balmer, J. (2008) Monitoring Dry Coastal Vegetation in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, Part 1: Monitoring Priorities, Nature Conservation Report 08 / 1, Tasmanian Government Department of Primary Industries and Water, Hobart, Tasmania.
  • Horton, B. M., T. Rudman, et al. (2008) Monitoring Dry Coastal Vegetation in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, Part 2: Appraisal of methods, Nature Conservation Report 08 / 4,Tasmanian Government Department of Primary Industries and Water, Hobart, Tasmania.
  • Palmer, J.H., Horton, B. M., Allaway, W.G. and Ashford, A.E. (2007) Growth Stimulation of Woollsia pungens by a natural ericoid mycorrhizal fungal endophyte. Australasian Mycologist. 26(1): 1- 8
  • Horton, B. M. (2006) Mushrooms of Maatsuyker Island, The Tasmanian Naturalist 128: 11-22
  • Horton, Bryony M., Crayn, Darren M., Clarke, Steve W. and Washington, Haydn (2004) Leionema scopulinum (Rutaceae), a new species from Wollemi National Park. Telopea 10(4): 815-822
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  ⊙plant-microbe interactions
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