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To apply acquired knowledge of environmental studies in least-served areas to ensure sustainable development in dynamic international environment and to improve greenery of the globe.


Father’s name           Fazal Khitab                            Date of Birth:             30th March, 1988        

Nationality:                Pakistani                                 CN I C No.:                 15501-5170318-5       

Passport No:             EH1803181                             Marital Status:           Single                         

Religion:                    Islam                                      

Languages:                English, Chinese (Basic), Urdu and Pashto

Abroad To:                China



1) Degree: Master in Forest Ecology (China Government Scholarship)

Year of Completion: course work complete and research paper is under review (2012-15)

University: East China Normal University (ECNU), Shanghai, PR China

Research Topic: “Effects of plant biodiversity and functional traits on carbon stocks in the subtropical forests of eastern China”

Marks (%age) / Division:  87% / 1st, in course work

2) Degree: BS (Forestry), 4 years

Year of Completion: 2010

University: Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Sheringal, Dir (Upper), KPK, Pakistan

Research Topic: “Role of farm forestry in poverty alleviation and Natural resource conservation in Swat valley”

Marks (%age) / Division:  81% / 1st   

3) Higher Secondary School Certificate: F.Sc (Pre-medical)

College/Board: Govt P.G Jahanzeb College, Swat / Board of Intermediate &Secondary

Education, Swat, KPK, Pakistan

Year of Completion: 2006

Marks (%age) / Division:  68.54% / 1st

4) Secondary School Certificate: S.S.C (science)

School/Board: International Public High School Shahpur, Shangla / Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Swat, KPK, Pakistan

Year of Completion: 2004

Marks (%age) / Division:  78.11% / 1st




1)    Research Fellow            

v  Organization: Tiantong National Forest Ecosystem Observations and Research Station,

                       Ningbo, PR China

v  Period: 15th July,2012 to present

v  Responsibility:

o   Working in the team with other senior research fellows in data collection about plant community functional traits and soil carbon

o   Field visit to the mountain for identification of species

o   Compilation of data

o   Lab experiments

o   Writing of research papers for SCI impact factor journals

2)    Project Manager             14-months experience

v  Organization: Resource Organization for Advancement and Development, (ROAD),   

Peshawar, KPK, Pakistan

v  Period: 26th May,2011 to 7th July, 2012

v  Responsibility:

o    Designing of various Projects and writing of the Project Proposals to various donors.  (Balance projects based on the real needs which also address the cross cutting themes of Gender, Capacity Building and Social Mobilization)

o   Assist the Finance and Procurement department in making work break down of various activities and making realistic budgets.

o    Participate in the post proposal meetings with Donor agencies to clarify the queries and visualize the project.

o    Keep a vigilant eyes on partnerships opportunities with various local, national and international Organizations

o   Set realistic performance indicators for each project and discuss it with MER section for follow up.

o   Timely participate in PMC (Program/Project Management Committee) and participate actively in the proceedings to bring efficiency and effectiveness in the process.

o   Participate in various meetings and represent ROAD on various forums.

o   Carry on Field visits to various sites and guide ground level teams on improving the performance.

o   Help the management in building the capacity of all the staff involved in Project and Project support.

3)    Social Organizer:            7-months experience

v  Organization: Interfaith league against poverty (I-LAP), NGO, Islamabad, Pakistan

v  Projects: Food, NFI, Shelter, WASH, Agriculture & Livelihood.

v  Period: 25th Oct, 2010 to 25th May, 2011

v  Duty Station: I-LAP sub office Mardan and field duty at Nowshera and Charsadda, KPK.

v  Responsibility:

o   Survey of the flood affected people houses and agriculture land.

o   Data collection of flood affected houses and agriculture land.

o   Social dealing with local communities and Govt; officials.

o   Handling the critical situations in the field.

o   Managing the Food and non-food items distribution in the local community.

o   Compilation and record of the data

o   Formation of CBO’s in different flood affected union councils of District Nowshera, KPK

4)    Research Internee:         5-months experience

v  Organization: Swat Forest Division, Mingora / Pakistan Wetlands Program-WWF

 Abbottabad, Ministry of environment, KPK, Pakistan

v  Period: 1st May, 2010 to 30th Sep, 2010

v  Responsibility:

o   Research on “Study on exploring medicinal herbs of Broghil Valley Chitral” and submission of internship report to site Manager NAWC-PWP-WWF.

o   Research on “Role of farm forestry in poverty alleviation and natural resource conservation in Swat valley, KPK” and submission of report to DFO, Swat.



v  Got the Master Full funded China Government Scholarship at East China Normal University, Shanghai China from 2012-15 through the approval of China Scholarship Committee (CSC)

v  Gold Medal; got the Top position in BS (Forestry), 4 Years in the entire Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University during Session 2006-2010, having 81% aggregate

v  Merit Certificate for First Position Holder in BS (Forestry), 4 Years during session 2006-10 from Controller of Exams and Department of Forestry, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University Sheringal, Dir (upper)

v  Got 56 Marks in NTS GAT General held in April 2011, having 83.66 percentile score.

v  Got the Frontier Education Foundation (FEF) Scholarship at University of Malakand, Pakistan for Talented students in 2008.



SPSS, R- statistical software, STATISTICA, SIGMA PLOT, MS office, Internet surfing, Coral draw.


A.   Published and under review Papers

1.    Ali, A., Yan, E.R., Ma, W.J., Yang, X.D., Sun, B.W. 2013. Biomass and carbon stocks in Schima superba dominated subtropical forests of eastern China. Journal of Tropical Forest Science. (Expected).  SCI Impact factor Journal.

2.    Ali, A., Yan, E.R., Yang, X.D., Ma, W.J. 2013. CO2 content variation with tree growth in the aboveground biomass of Schima superba in a subtropical forest of eastern China. Applied Ecology and Environmental Research. (Under review).  SCI Impact factor Journal.

3.    Sun, B.W., Yang, X.D., Zhang, Z.H., Ma, W.J., Ali, A., Huang, H.X., Yan, E.R. 2013. Relationships between soil carbon pool and vegetation carbon return through succession of evergreen broad-leaved forests in Tiantong region, Zhejiang Province, Eastern China. Chinese Journal of Plant Ecology. 37: 803-810.

4.    Yang, X.D., Yan, E.R., Zhang, Z.H., Sun, B.W., Huang, H.X., Ali, A., Ma, W.J., Shi, Q.R. 2013. Tree architecture of overlapping species among successional stages in evergreen broad-leaved forests in Tiantong region, Zhejiang Province, China. Chinese Journal of Plant Ecology. 37: 611-619.

B.   Submitted or under writing Papers

1.    Ali, A., Yan, E.R., Yang, X.D., Tao, Z., Ma, W.J., Shi, Q.R., Xu, M.S. 2013. Effects of stand structural diversity on carbon stocks in the subtropical forests of eastern China (will soon submit to Forest Ecology and Management).

2.    Effects of plant functional traits diversity on carbon stocks in the subtropical forests of eastern China (under writing)

Laboratory and field experience

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Biomass and carbon stocks in Schima superba dominated subtropical forests of eastern China
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