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Writer Eun-Shik Kim (2008-06-02)
Title HydroEco2009, SAC: announcement
File 080602135954HydroEco2009.jpg
Date: Mon, 26 May 2008 13:07:01 +0200

From: Magdalena Jarecka <[email protected]>

Reply-To: Magdalena Jarecka <[email protected]>

Subject: HydroEco2009, SAC: announcement


Dear colleague,


On behalf of the Scientific Advisory Committee for the HydroEco2009 conference I would like to draw your attention to the possibility to submit an abstract to this conference:



2nd International Multidisciplinary Conference on Hydrology and Ecology:

Ecosystems Interfacing with Groundwater and Surface Water

(Vienna, Austria, 20-23 April 2009)




Many ecological systems owe their existence to physical/chemical properties of groundwater and surface water, and can be damaged if water flow or water properties are changed by anthropogenic or natural processes. The ecological systems may be

- the terrestrial ecosystems we see every day, such as the riparian systems along the rivers, and wetlands found in headwaters as well as in low land areas or

- the subsurface ecological systems that maintain the groundwater that sustains so many people.


To address the resulting issues, this conference brings together engineers and researchers from engineering and ecological disciplines. The disciplines include, but are not limited to, hydrology, ecology, environmental engineering, biology, chemistry, geochemistry, environmental biogeochemistry, and subsurface microbiology. The unifying theme is the interaction between groundwater and (or) /surface water and ecological systems. A typical example is the hyporheic zone in riparian areas, where the ecological system interacts with water and chemical flows between surface and groundwater.


The goals of the conference are

(1) to provide information that will help that interactions between groundwater, surface water and ecology are better understood, measured, simulated, and managed, and

(2) to improve the technological basis for policy decisions (including WFD

implementation) related to the reconstruction of ecologically valuable environments and the use of water resources in these environments.



Session A: Interactions between surface water, hyporheic zone, saturated and unsaturated groundwater

Session B: Connections between ecology and groundwater recharge and evapotranspiration Session C: Plant-groundwater interactions

Session D: Links between hydrology and biogeochemistry in groundwater

Session E: Modelling surface-water-groundwater systems

Session F: Modelling interactions between hydrology and ecology

Session G: Management, legal and regulatory issues

Session H: Bio-indicators of groundwater and surface water quality


Session S: Special Session on the implementation of WFD, with particular relevance to Groundwater and Surface water dependent terrestrial Ecosystems. The Special Session aims to:

a) Identify how the different countries across Europe have used scientific information to characterise the Ground and Surface water dependent terrestrial ecosystems (i.e. what methodologies and how scientific information is used to underpin the methodology).

b) Evaluate how the different countries across Europe have defined and / or used the term 'Significant damage' to the groundwater dependent terrestrial ecosystem, due to the status (qualitative or quantitative) of the groundwater body (i.e. what science based thresholds are used to define ‘significant’ and ‘damage’, both within national and international protected nature conservation sites and outside those sites).

c) Share experience on how the different countries across Europe have used groundwater and surface water dependent ecosystems as measures to remedy problems of surface or groundwater bodies.(i.e. Which countries have used groundwater or surface water dependent terrestrial ecosystems as measures for either ground or surface water bodies that are failing their criteria under WFD).


The Special Session will be chaired by Dr. Johan Schutten (Hans), Senior Wetland Ecologist, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, and a to be announced chair.


For further information please visit:



The deadline for abstract submission is 5 September 2008.



Prof. Tomasz Okruszko



Department of Hydraulic Engineering and Environmental Restoration

Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Nowoursynowska 159

02-776 Warsaw, Poland

tel. +48 22 59 35 315

fax. +48 22 59 35 320




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