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About Myself

Name: Eun-Shik Kim

Address and Contact
       Department of Forest Resources, College of Forest Science
       Kookmin University, Seoul 136-702, Korea
       Phone: +82-2-910-4814 (O), +82-11-785-4814 (CP)
       Fax: +82-2-910-4809, E-mail: [email protected]

Major Fields of Interest
       Ecology in Tree Growth and Environmental 
       Change, Tree-Ring Studies, LTER, Conservation and 
       Restoration of Ecosystems and Global Ecology


       1983 - 1988: Ph.D., M.Phil., and M.S. in Forestry and 
                   Environmental Studies, Yale
 University, New Haven,
                   Connecticut, U.S.A.
1981 - 1983: M.S. in Forestry, Seoul National University, 
                   Suweon, Korea
       1975 - 1981: B.S. in Forestry, Seoul National University, 
                   Suweon, Korea

Title of Ph.D. Dissertation
         Radial growth patterns of tree species in relation to
                   environmental factors 
(at Hubbard Brook Experimental
                               Forest, New Hampshire, USA)

Major Academic Experience
       Present: Dean of Sungkok Memorial Library and 
                      Professor in Ecology and Dendrology, 
                      Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea
       2005 - 2006: Visiting Professor, Watson Institute for 
                   International Studies, Brown University, USA
       2003 - 2005: Dean, College of Forest Science, Kookmin
       1995 - 1997: Director, Institute of Forest Science, Kookmin
       1995 - 1997: Assistant Dean, Graduate School, Kookmin
       1989 - 1991: Senior Environmental Research Scientist,
                   National Institute of 
Environmental Research,
                   Ministry of Environment, Korea
       1988 - 1989: Forest Ecologist, Forestry Research Institute,

Major Professional Societies
       Present: Secretary General, International Association for
                             Ecology (INTECOL)
                      General Secretary, Executive Committee,  
                             International Long-Term Ecological Research
                             (ILTER) Network
       1998 - 2002: Vice President, Korea Plant Conservation Society
       1995 - 2002: Chair, Korea Long-Term Ecological Research
                   (KLTER) Committee
       1989 - Present: Board of Directors, Ecological Society of
                  Korea (Vice President and
      1988 - 2003: Board of Directors, Korean Society of Forestry

(October 31, 2006)

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My Interest Group
  ⊙temperate forests
  ⊙global change
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