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8 Prof. Eun-Shik Kim, Congratula... Mostafa Jafari 2007-10-28
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Prof. Eun-Shik Kim, Congratulation for e-bulletin Vol. 1 No. 1   2007-10-28 14:10:12
Congratulation for e-bulletin Vol. 1 No. 1

Dear Prof.Eun-Shik Kim,
Secretary General

I would like to thank you, Professor John A. Lee, President, and other colleagues of INTECOL for all of your efforts in support of ecological activities in the world and providing ground to protect and conserve different ecosystems.

I am proud to congratulate you and your co-workers for your increasing active work in INTECOL and providing more and more useful opportunities to share information.

I have seen interesting new publication (e-bulletin Vol. 1, No. 1 October 2007) with briefing on different meetings outcome. I pray for your health and hope you would be able to improve and continue this important initiative.

I have few small and minor comments to share with you for future issues:
1- It is possible to put a small box in first page as table of contents (it can be clickable)
2- If you prefer in each issue, it may be possible to introduce one related institute in the world
3- It can be organized a brief interview with experienced ecologists and providing their CV that it would be helpful for young scientists
4- I announce my readiness for any assistance which you think I can do

Once more I thank you all and best regards,

Mostafa Jafari
October 28, 2007

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Prof. Eun-Shik Kim, Congratulation for e-bulletin Vol. 1 No. 1
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