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No. Title Writer Date
15 RIFR west gate Jan. 2008 Mostafa Jafari 2008-02-23
14 Asia Chapter working group/ Ja... Mostafa Jafari 2008-02-23
13 Climate Change in Iran Mostafa Jafari 2007-08-13
12 Ancient cypress tree, Yazd, Ir... Mostafa Jafari 2007-08-06
11 Gonu over Persian Gulf - 7 Jun... Mostafa Jafari 2007-06-13
10 Milad Tower in Tehran - Storm Mostafa Jafari 2007-05-16
9 Anatomy of a tree trunk Mostafa Jafari 2007-04-17
8 Tabriz - Park Mostafa Jafari 2007-04-17
7 Astragalus in Iran 2007-01-17
6 Anti cancer 2006-12-30

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Climate Change in Iran   2007-08-13 13:13:44

Anzali station is situated in Hyrcanian forest ecological zone in the Northern part of Iran in the southern cost of Caspian Sea receiving highest amount of precipitation as recorded up to 2400 mm. During last 54 years, precipitation decreased by 409.4 mm and average mean temperature in the same period increased by 0.4 °C and minimum temperature increased by 2.10 °C.

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RIFR west gate Jan. 2008
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Climate Change Assessments in Asia, 2007
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