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Writer admin (2014-04-10)
Title Call for Outline Bids for XIII International Congress of Ecology
  INTECOL (International Association for Ecology)

Call for Outline Bids

XIII International Congress of Ecology to be held in 2021

The INTECOL Board is seeking offers to host the XIII International Congress of Ecology. The International Congresses of Ecology are usually held every four years. The last congress was held in London, United Kingdom in 2013 and the XII Congress will be held in Beijing, China in October 2017. The Board is seeking outline bids which should be sent by e-mail to the Secretary General of INTECOL, to arrive not later than 31 December 2014.

The outline bids should contain the following information:
(a) the proposed location and its convenience for international travel;
(b) the infrastructure to hold a conference for 1,000 to 2,000 participants, and in particular the ability to house plenary lectures, concurrent oral and poster sessions;
(c) the availability of hotel and hostel accommodation with approximate price ranges;
(d) any experience of organising previous large meetings;
(e) whether or not the proposal is supported by, or comes from, the appropriate national ecological society;
(f) the estimated cost per head for providing the conference venue, projection facilities, poster boards, printed conference programme, book of abstracts and any projected staffing costs based on 1,500 participants;
(g) the potential for obtaining sponsorship to reduce costs;
(h) the proposed structure of the local organising committee;
(i) a proposed potential theme for the congress;
(j) a plan in finance to promote INTECOL by hosting the Congress;
(k) any other information which may be useful to the Board in considering the bid.

The bids will be considered by the Board during early 2015 with a view to making a decision, possibly involving further discussions with bidders, in February 2015.

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