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Ecological Information

This corner is prepared to serve as a forum in promoting the group activities among the INTECOL Members. INTECOL provides web sites for the group(s) of members, who have common interests in the fields of ecology in order to promote communications and ecological advances among the interest groups world wide.

Currently we identify the following categories and sub-categories:

Step 1: Habitats
             coastal waters
             salt marshes and salt deserts
             rivers & streams
             boreal forests
             temperate forests
             tropical forests
             tropical savannahs
             shrub lands
             cold deserts
             hot deserts
             urban environments
             montane ecosystems

Step 2: Ecological Science
             population dynamics
             element cycling
             plant-animal interactions
             plant-microbe interactions
             species diversity
             functional diversity
             global change
             trophic interactions
             energy flow
             primary production
             habitat fragmentation
             theory and modelling
             molecular ecology
             ecological stresses

Step 3: Ecosystem Services
             water quality
             food production
             climate regulation
             flood protection
             air quality

Step 4: Social Impacts
             decision making
             policy development

Step 5: Biotic Organisms

Step 6: National Ecological Societies

Step 7: International Ecological Societies

Step 8: Partners, NGOs and Sponsors

INTECOL will update this categorization as and when needed, and will provide the ECO-BLOG to the group(s) of members who have leading interests in promoting communications within the group. Those members who have interests in the group activities through the INTECOL’s ECO-BLOG are strongly advised to contact INTECOL via the Webmaster.

The individual members are advised to identify their group(s) of interest when they register or update their information through the INTECOL website at www.intecol.net. The following column shows the group(s) of interests that you identified. If you click the group, you will automatically visit the webpage of the group.

If you have any specific suggestion, please feel free to contact Officers, Executive Board or Webmaster of INTECOL for further communication.

▶ Ecological information Management

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