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How to Join New Membership

Two methods of membership application are available; On-Line Application and Mail or Fax Application. If possible we strongly suggest using the On-Line Application process.

The INTECOL secretariat will review your application upon receipt and will confirm your membership after this process. This is to ensure that membership of the Society is restricted to all those interested in the science of ecology and its application.

On-Line Membership Application
If you would like to apply for the INTECOL Membership On-Line, then, please click HERE for On-Line Membership Application!

Before submitting Membership Application from the page suggested above, please make sure that you keep your ID & Password in a secure place after you CORRECTLY input all of your information. After you have an e-mail notice from the Secretariat that you have been admitted as a member of the INTECOL, you are allowed to modify your inputs other than ID with the inputs of your ID and Password. However, webmaster can help you to modify the information upon your request, too.

Please note that your on-line application is successful only when you have received a "Success Notice of On-Line Membership Application" just after you submit it On-Line.

We would like to remind you, again, that your registration of membership is not finished until you receive the Congratulatory Message for being accepted as a member from the INTECOL Secretariat by e-mail. If you find any further problems, please contact the INTECOL Webmaster or Secretary General for help.

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